IDEA conference in New York

IDEA ConferenceIf you’re based in NY, there’s a great conference there on the 30th October. The IDEA conference is organised by Advertising Age and seems to have some great speakers and some really interesting topics for discussion. They describe the conference as:

The IDEA Conference isn’t just about innovators, entrepreneurs and successful people of various creative stripes and hues deconstructing the genesis of ideation or discussing how networking stimulates their own creativity, suggested routes to fortune and glory or the actual value of eye of newt. That’s just some of it.

I’m not based in the US, so no chance to go there; but some of you out there might be interested. Ok, some of my readers will be more interested in gadgets or desktop management tools, but I have a growing segment of friends in marketing, social media and PR; so this could be interesting for them.

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