Email Marketing & Gmail’s Inbox Tabs

Your B2B marketing solutions like email marketing have many subscribers on Gmail. But with Gmail’s new update, many marketers are missing the mark. The Gmail inbox has five unique tabs now – primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. So as a marketer, how does one tailor their B2B marketing solutions to create the most impact on Gmail? 

What the New Update Means

Google wanted its users to have total control over their inbox by allowing them to customize which mail goes where. This has made Gmail users very happy, but email marketing strategists that offer B2B marketing solutions have to adapt to the new segregation. This means that subscribers to newsletters and promotional emails now have to click on the ‘promotions’ tab that also has ads that masquerade as emails.

Now businesses will have to contend with the fact their B2B marketing solutions such as promotional emailers and newsletters will not reach the primary inbox of their subscribers and may be ignored completely.

Statistics Don’t Lie

Research done on the Gmail update revealed that it is slowing down open rates. But it is not happening as significantly as email marketers who provide B2B marketing solutions would have imagined. But the truth is that it is still way too early for marketing strategists to be taking it easy. This new update has been functional only for a few months and like other things related to the Internet, the tide could change drastically.

The Solution

So does this mean that the fate of B2B marketing solutions that falls underneath the category of email marketing is forever tainted with uncertainty? Thankfully, no. Here are some ways to ensure that your B2B marketing solutions and strategies reach their target audience even if the new Gmail update proves in the future to have a negative impact on email marketing:

  1. It has become important, now more than ever, to offer your subscribers something of value. If there’s nothing in it for them, or if they don’t like what you share, there is a magnificent chance that they will unsubscribe from your mailing list.


  1. Now it is more important for marketers offering B2B marketing solutions to build stronger relationships rather than focus on selling. Keep your emailers valuable and engaging so that your subscribers will be left craving more every time.
  2. Use the promotions tab your advantage. What really works well is a hard-hitting subject line. If your subscriber opens the promotions tab of his inbox and nothing really catches his eye, there is a marvelous chance that he might mass delete all his ‘spam’. If your email doesn’t stand out, it will be ignored completely. This is where an eye-catching subject line comes in to save the day.
  3. Google is known as a pioneer. This means that other email providers will be quick to join the tab bandwagon. Creating an infographic, an engaging video or even an instructive email is a salient way to ensure that your subscribers move your emails into their primary inbox.

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Thanks to Carol Harper for this guest post

Heineken: Are Legends Born, or Made?

I’ve just come across a great campaign by Heineken called “Voyage” with the tagline “Are legends born, or made?” It is testing what men are truly made of when taken out of their daily lives and dropped into the great unknown. Imagine the following situation. You are a highly social character, out-going and confident. You get chosen to go on a legendary adventure – something you have never done before – a new experience that will test your resourcefulness. But then you find yourself in the freezing wilderness of Alaska – alone on a glacier, with nothing but a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket to get you home – and the airport is hundreds of miles away.

Check out the video:

Essentially, they take different men from across the world and drops them in remote global locations with nothing but the most basic of supplies and directions. The result is ‘Dropped’ – a series of episodic adventures following our intrepid explorers on their legendary travel experience.

‘Voyage’ is the fifth installment of the Heineken ‘Legends’ platform, The integrated campaign, which will live on a variety of platforms across broadcast, digital and mobile, will allow consumers to have a truly immersive experience via the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel. Here, viewers will be able to follow each ‘Dropped’ voyage, access documentary-style content and also contribute their own video entries to the ‘casting couch’ –  with the ultimate chance of partaking in their own legendary travel adventure.

It’s a fascinating experiment, where Heineken is creating stories which each of their characters – forcing them to discover their own limits and conquer their fears. Across four continents they’ll face a multitude of challenges – tough terrain, curious locals and unusual modes of transport. As the Dropped episodes unfold, so the social experiment will come to life, with viewers of each voyage able to follow how each traveller fares through a series of diary entries and journey updates. And their final destination?  Home. Will they make it?

As with all such experiments, embarking on an unscripted journey can be interesting for the brand; however it adds a layer of the magic that makes reality TV so watchable. I’ll be looking out for this one!

Awesome Billboard Campaign – McDonalds Sweden

Here’s a great marketing campaign by McDonalds in Sweden. It’s an interactive game that can be played on a giant billboard with a user’s mobile phone. There are no apps to install, it works on pretty much any smartphone and promises a level of engagement that few billboard campaigns have managed to achieve.

Users pick a goodie that they would like to bin and have to manage to stay in the game for 30seconds to win. If they win, they’re presented with a digital token and directed to the neared McDonalds store to claim their reward.

Truly innovative. Hope we’ll see more of these in the future, and not just in Sweden 😉

Yes, I’m classically trained

classically_trainedToday we had a dress-down day at the office (it being Red Nose Day and all), so I took the opportunity to wear my “Classically Trained” T-shirt. It’s a T-shirt I bought a couple of days ago from Iffyton High Street.

If you’ve never been to Iffyton High Street, it’s a great concept in online shopping that mimics the experience you get in a realy shopping trip. You get to browse around a street full of shops containing different outlets each specialising in a particular type of product. My T-shirt came from one of the T-shirt stores there and says “Classically Trained” with a picture of a Nintendo NES in the center (get it?)

Here’s what the shopping experience looks like, just like walking through a High Street:

The idea translates very nicely into the ability to browse and purchase other types of items. The current shops seem to specialise mostly in clothing, from music T-shirts to regional T-shirts, though I didn’t see much in terms of kids clothing. But there’s a nice selection anyway, so you’re bound to find something you like.

Oh, and just a word of thanks to Kevin from FuelMyBlog who pointed them out to me.

The winner of the Twitter Mug is ..

Congrats to Elizabeth (@Table4Five) for coming up first in my Twitter Mug competition. The draw was very random, I dumped people’s names in bits of paper and got Arthur to pick one our of a bucket. (I really wanted a hat, but couldn’t find one, so had to make use of a bucket). Anyway, the mug is winging it’s way towards her and should be there in a few days.

So, here are some interesting stats about the competition. People could sign up in one of 2 ways, via a tweet, or a post and comment on the blog. Over the span of the competition (4 days) I got a total of:

  • 125 entries on Twitter (each with a link back to my competition page)
  • 91 new followers on Twitter (though I can’t vouch they are all due to the competition)
  • 11 blog posts entries (each with a link back to my competition page)
  • 66 comments on the post
  • 4 trackbacks on the post

I thought that was pretty good considering I ran the competition during a quiet period and the prize cost me less than $20. I think I’ll do it again in the future, but have a bigger prize (or maybe more than one prize). So, if you want to know about it, follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my RSS feed.

So, what prizes would you like to see?

Sell your wares on Twitter

Chirp, chirp!Did you know that you can tap into the awesome power of Twitter to attract people to your products and services? There’s a service called Magpie that taps into people on Twitter to send messages to people who follow them. The interesting thing about Magpie is that it analyses the message streams of Titterers it uses so that any sponsored messages are contextually relevant to the people who follows them. This enables your messages to be targeted to a group who would be interested in something you are offering.

So, for example, if you are trying to sell a data center automation package you probably wouldn’t want to bother teenagers or moms with your message (or pay for their reading it), but would prefer to bring it to the attention of technical support staff or operational managers. Magpie lets you do this effectively without spending too much on your advertising; particularly as it’s a new network so you don’t have to bid against many advertisers at the moment.

Interesting concept, and one to watch as people try out different marketing techniques with new social networks.

Nice shirt Ted

I wore my new Izea T-shirt today, the one that Ted send me all the way from the US. It fits pretty nicely even though the size *should* be a bit small for me. (Good thing I lost some weight)

I must say, T-shirts are always a great way to advertise your business as people are usually quite happy to walk around with your advert on their back or chest. This one is particularly nice as it’s a bright colour and the logo is in an unusual place. And I’m happy enough with it to blog about it. How many of you can say you have an Izea T-shirt, huh?

Ok, I’m rambling now .. maybe it’s time for bed …