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Check out the Max Cube


I love seeing campaigns that really engage their target customers. That’s exactly what I was thinking while watching this video of Pepsi’s recent campaign in Southbank and other locations around the UK earlier this year. The campaign consisted of black cube with a countdown designed… Read more »

Email Marketing & Gmail’s Inbox Tabs

Navigating HTC Email Menu

Your B2B marketing solutions like email marketing have many subscribers on Gmail. But with Gmail’s new update, many marketers are missing the mark. The Gmail inbox has five unique tabs now – primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. So as a marketer, how does one… Read more »

Heineken: Are Legends Born, or Made?


I’ve just come across a great campaign by Heineken called “Voyage” with the tagline “Are legends born, or made?” It is testing what men are truly made of when taken out of their daily lives and dropped into the great unknown. Imagine the following situation. You… Read more »

Awesome Billboard Campaign – McDonalds Sweden

Here’s a great marketing campaign by McDonalds in Sweden. It’s an interactive game that can be played on a giant billboard with a user’s mobile phone. There are no apps to install, it works on pretty much any smartphone and promises a level of engagement… Read more »

Twitter to start monitising?

I spotted something interesting on my Twitter page just then: It looks like Twitter has identified an area on their page which can be used for advertisements and it currently being used to advertised their Search service. Is this the start of mini ads being… Read more »

So long .. and thanks for all the Sprouts

I received an email today from Sprout, a website which lets you create interactive Flash widgets which you can share with others on the web, place on your website and distribute on any other medium that supports Flash. Here’s something I had created a while… Read more »

My Twitter Mug is here – Merry Christmas to me!

I received my Christmas present the other day. Yes, every Christmas I make it a point to buy myself a Christmas present. After all, who better knows what I want? It’s usually something small and gadgety, but this year I opted for a mug. Not… Read more »