Talk Tech on Third Thursday – February 2017

It’s that time of the month again, Third Thursday looms before us and you all know what that means. It’s time for us to organise another Talk Tech lunch at our usual haunt (current Bar George). The table is booked, notifications are going out, so make sure the event is booked in your calendar!

So what is Talk Tech? Well, it’s a gathering of technology enthusiasts from all walks who come together every Third Thursday to share the latest tech gossip, probe each other for new bits of information and talk about what’s been happening over the last month. We have software developers, hardware engineers, radio amateurs, avid hobbyists and all sorts of other people joining us to share what they enjoy. We have lunch in an informal setting and conversation always varies depending on who can join us.

So if you think this might be a great way to spend your lunchtime, come and join us at Bar George, on Thursday 16th at 12:30. See you there

p.s. we do this every Third Thursday, so block your calendars!

Talk Tech on Third Thursday – September 2016

Spotted any interesting tech this month? Or have your tried something out and are dying to tell people about it? Well, whether you’ve got something to share, or if you just want to listen to what’s new, then coming and Talk Tech this Third Thursday with us!

So, what is this all about? Every Third Thursday we get together to talk about new and emerging technologies. Topics are always varied, based on who turns up and what’s new but over the last few months we’ve discussed IoT (Internet of Things), Bitcoin, Robotics, Android, Tech Startups, Augmented Reality and all sorts of other topics. It’s an open invitation, everyone is welcome, so feel free to bring a friend or colleague along.

We’re meeting at Bar George this Thursday 15th at 12:30. Hope to see you there!

Points from Intellectual Property talk

A couple of days ago I went to a talk on Intellectual Property Rights in Projects organised by the BCS. The speaker, Dai Davis was very entertaining and I’m glad to say I learnt quite a bit about this fascinating subject. I used Twitter to take notes from the event, and I thought I’d share them here for my readers to pick some interesting facts:

Consultant retains copyright of what he creates even if someone paid him to do it

Copyright – if an employee writes something – employer has copyright – if a consultant writes something, it’s NOT the client

Patents protect ideas – Copyright protects the manifestation of an idea – #bcsiom_ip

Most software doesn’t get patented .. it’s already protected by copyright –

There’s no such thing as a “World-wide patent” – Patents are territorial – #bcsiom_ip

3 criteria for a patent: has to be new, has to involve inventive step, capable of industrial application – #bcsiom_ip

Intellectual Property is all about monopoly (countered by anti-monopoly law (anti-trust/competition law))

Organisation that manages IP internationally: WIPO – – #bcsiom_ip

(yup, they are in reverse order)

Third Thursday – September 2012 – Let’s talk about risk!

Hey everyone! It’s that time of month again, yes the Third Thursday of September is this week, and we’re all meeting at Paparazzi again for your favourite Social Media hangout. So bring your Social Media tales, anything new you’ve learnt this month and any problems that you’ve encountered.

For anyone who hasn’t joined us before, the Social Media Club is a collection of people who use or are interested in Social Media. Some of us have been using it for years, some are just curious what it’s about. We meet once a month over lunch to swap tips, stories or news on anything happening in the Social Media space, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube or any other Social Network out there. The invitation is open to anyone who wants to join us, and feel free to drag along a friend/colleague if you want. I’ve had some interesting experiences of what can go wrong with Social Media this month, so we can make that the topic of conversation this time: What are the risks of Social Media and how do you address them.

So, if you’re free to join us, we’re meeting this Thursday 20th September at Paprazzi Restaurant in Douglas at 12:30. Hope to see you there!

Third Thursday – September 2011 #smc

Third Thursday this month has come a bit earlier than I expected (15th), but that means it’s time for us all to meet down at Paparazzi for some grub and a natter. Yes, it’s Social Media Club lunch this Thursday!

For those who have never been, it’s an opportunity to catch up with your online friends and socialise in a casual environment. We usually end up chatting about all things social media related, from new social networking sites, to the perennial gadget debates; from best practices in social media for wok purposes, all the way interesting links we’ve come across recently.

It’s an open event that anyone can attend. Just pop down to Paparazzi in Douglas at 12:30 and come find us sitting in the corner. I’ll be a bit late this month, but @ProgramX has kindly agreed to meet and greet. Hope to see you all there!

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Third Thursday – 21st April 2011

Portuguese Work Lunch
Creative Commons License photo credit: moriza

Third Thursday is upon us, and as you may already know, Third Thursday is Social Media Thursday. And this month Thursday is going to be even more fun than ever. Here are the reasons why:

  • Social Media Club lunch is on. It’s an informal lunch for people interested in Social Media. You may use it for work, for personal reasons or to promote your hobby, but if you’re interested in how to use Social Media, and are looking to network with your online friends and acquaintances, come and join us for lunch at Paprazzi at 12:30. Anyone can come, and bring your friends along
  • We have a local celebrity visiting us for lunch. Famous tweeter @zoegillings (I believe she’s also known for her snowboarding prowess) is coming to lunch! We don’t have anything formal organised, it’s just a friendly chat over lunch, but it’s a great opportunity to meet her and hear all about what she’s up to.
  • And if lunch isn’t enough for you, local podcaster and social media whiz Derek Richardson is the CMI’s speaker in the evening. They’re holding an event titled: Social Media – Captivating the Digital Domain and it’s open to anyone to attend.

There you have is, Social Media Thursday in a nutshell. So, who’s for lunch? See you at Paparazzi on Thursday 21st April at 12:30!

BCS Event: Enterprise Search and Security Updates

The Isle of Man Chapter of the BCS is holding an event on Enterprise and eBusiness Search Technologies and Security Loopholes and Hacking Updates on the 14th April at the Claremont Hotel in Douglas.The programme of events is as follows:

17:00 Doors open – Drinks, complimentary snacks, and networking opportunity

18:00 “Enterprise and eBusiness Search Technology”

Connie Chen, Transparensee, New York City (speaker kindly supplied by US Department of Commerce)

18:30 Q & A

18:45 “Security Loopholes and Hacking Updates”

Mark Mann, Webtech Software, Ballasalla, Isle of Man

19:15 Q & A

19:45 Optional meal with the speakers and BCS Isle of Man committee

(£15 for 2 courses in Coast restaurant)

It sounds like a fascinating event for ICT professionals and also others interested in the sphere of technology, certainly more fun than shopping for rustic log beds, which is something else you could be doing.. Entrance is free, but please email to ensure a place is reserved for you.

I’m planning to go; anyone else coming?