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An example of a social network diagram.

Here’s an interesting service I came across. Report Phone Numbers is a simple website that lets you place a “Harassing Caller Report” so that it can be shared with other users of the site.

The interesting idea here is that it’s using the power of a social network to power the concept. Different people contribute different items of information and as the data grows; it’s usefulness grows. In this case it’s caller phone numbers but the idea translates to other concepts.

Interesting idea huh?


  1. Interesting idea- I think it’s important that the information that goes in is useful though. If it’s used constructively it could be useful, but I’m not sure if people will use it that way.

  2. i think that’s a great idea. it definitely would be a useful tool. i know that i receive my fair share of “harrassing” calls.

  3. This is interesting and a good idea also. There should be some repercussions for the number being reported though. If nothing is done other than telling others, then nothing is really accomplished. Fine the caller, something.

    Great Post,

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