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Third Thursday 20th November

Love Coffee

It’s Third Thursday this week and the Social Media Club will be meeting in our usual venue; Jabberwocky in Douglas (12:30 till 14:00). For those who have never come, we’re a group of people interested in Social Media, exploring how it changes our lives (both… Read more »

Touching up the car with Chipex


So, a few days ago one of our cars had an an encounter with a wall. Unfortunately it didn’t go too well for the car, and now the side looks a bit like this: Looks pretty painful doesn’t it? Well, the good thing is that… Read more »

Landed at #websummit


I’m at Web Summit in Dublin for a couple of days and I must say, I’ve been blown away by how massive this event is! There are over 22,000 attendees, more than 500 speakers and so many sessions and stands that nobody can hope to… Read more »

Google getting better at reading your mind


I’ve always found Google to be the best search engine around, mostly because it takes me exactly where I want to go. It’s this uncanny ability that drove Google to the dizzy heights in the search engine space that it enjoys today; driving other search… Read more »

Third Thursday – 16th October #smc

Prosciutto, anchovy and onion pizza.

Isn’t it great when Third Thursday creeps up on you and you find out that it’s time to catch up with your fellow Social Media enthusiasts for lunch. That’s right, this Thursday we’re meeting at Jabberwocky for lunch at 12:30. Social Media Club is a… Read more »

Radio Interview on Shellshock


So last week the tech world woke up to the news that Bash, a component in Linux had a flaw that had been around for 22 years. This flaw enabled 3rd parties to take control of a system, whether it was to run arbitrary code… Read more »

Grip It Fixings – A superior way to hang things!


As you probably know, the British Isles are my second home; I was born and raised in Malta, where the sun shines every day Well, one thing that I never came across before coming to this beautiful, cool country was plasterboard! Back in Malta, houses… Read more »