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Distracting the Mind with Information Overload

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Think Fast – Talk Smart

Great video this week at Midweek MICTA; in fact, I thought I’d share it here so everyone can get to watch:

Communication is critical to success in business and life. Concerned about an upcoming interview? Anxious about being asked to give your thoughts during a meeting? Fearful about needing to provide critical feedback in the moment? You are not alone! Learn and practice techniques that will help you speak spontaneously with greater confidence and clarity, regardless of content and context.

It’s a long one, but well worth the watch!

Third Thursday – January 2016


Welcome to the first Third Thursday of 2016. It’s a brand new year and an excellent time to look back at how 2015 shaped up. We managed to meet most Third Thursdays and our little group has actually grown this year. Our focus used to… Read more »

The Isle of Man Enterprise Development Scheme


I attended a presentation yesterday organised by the JCC, where a government representative outlined the workings of the Isle of Man Enterprise Development Scheme that was recently approved by Tynwald. I don’t have the slides to share, but in the meantime, I’d like to share… Read more »

Third Thursday – November 2015


Third Thursday has come around again and as Jabberwocky doesn’t have their big space any more, we’re moving to Bar George where I’ve booked us a table at 12:30. We’ll try this out and if it works well, we’ll keep this as our regular Third… Read more »

We’re building a Fablab!


Third Thursday – On a bus! – October 2015


Well, it turns out that our normal venue is no longer available as the 1st floor room at Jabberwocky is not being used for something else. We discussed a number of options last time, but we have an opportunity for something completely different this month…. Read more »

Third Thursday – September 2015

Love Coffee

Last ┬ámonth we had a great Third Thursday, with more people than we had space (though that was partly due to the venue). We were all crammed together and some great conversations ensued, ranging from GIS, to Facebook, to robotics, to phones and loads of… Read more »