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Talk Tech on Third Thursday – August 2016


After a brief hiatus last month, we’re back this month, looking to bring together people working in tech, people developing new tech and also those with just a passing interest in tech. That’s right, Third Thursday is back and we’re meeting at Bar George on… Read more »

No Third Thusday for July :(

Sorry everyone, I messed up! I’m away in Ireland at the moment and completely ruined the planning for this month’s Third Thursday. It’s worse than just forgetting about it too! @ProgramX had offered to host it while I was away, but I didn’t organise a… Read more »

Talk Tech on Third Thursday – June 2016


This Thursday is the Third Thursday of the month and as we’ve been doing for a while now, we’re meeting up for a Techie lunch to share the latest news, talk about our new gadgets and share problems, solutions and whatever is new in the… Read more »

Check out Jibo: the social robot


Here’s an interesting one. It’s a little robot called Jibo that can be your digital assistant. It’s fixed in one place but has a multitude of sensors to help it find out what’s happening in the world around it. It can see, hear and speak… Read more »

“Reality is frequently inaccurate.”


Do you know who came up with that quote? Well, it was the inestimable Douglas Adams. Everyone knows his most famous quote: Don’t Panic, fro the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but here’s a collection of 42 Douglas Adams quotes to live by. My favourites:… Read more »

altMBA – Goal Setting


My first couple of days doing Seth Godin’s altMBA have been quite interesting. I’ve met a really interesting bunch of people, picked up lots of interesting and useful information, but am reeling from the ton of material that’s being shared across the group. It’s amazing… Read more »

Third Thursday – April 2016

2014-01-16 12.49.37

Wow, Third Thursday does come around quickly sometimes, quicker on some months than others! Well, it’s arrived again and time for our Talk Tech on Third Thursday Lunch. We’re currently meeting at Bar George at 12:30, so I’ve gone ahead and booked a table for… Read more »