Talk Tech on Third Thursday – February 2017

It’s that time of the month again, Third Thursday looms before us and you all know what that means. It’s time for us to organise another Talk Tech lunch at our usual haunt (current Bar George). The table is booked, notifications are going out, so make sure the event is booked in your calendar!

So what is Talk Tech? Well, it’s a gathering of technology enthusiasts from all walks who come together every Third Thursday to share the latest tech gossip, probe each other for new bits of information and talk about what’s been happening over the last month. We have software developers, hardware engineers, radio amateurs, avid hobbyists and all sorts of other people joining us to share what they enjoy. We have lunch in an informal setting and conversation always varies depending on who can join us.

So if you think this might be a great way to spend your lunchtime, come and join us at Bar George, on Thursday 16th at 12:30. See you there

p.s. we do this every Third Thursday, so block your calendars!

Talk Tech on Third Thursday – January 2017

Welcome to the 2017! This is the first Third Thursday of the year, and time to get together with your techy friends to talk about the latest developments in technology, what’s new on the scene and what new gadgets and tech you’ve been playing with since our last meet.

We’ve been meeting for a while now and every month we always find a different strand of technology to focus on. We’ve done robotics, streaming, cryptocurrency, microprocessor design, autonomous cars and every subject you can think of. Conversations vary depending on who turns up, but you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be something in the technology sphere. I’m half tempted to bring an Amazon Echo with me this month. Anyone want to have a play with one?

It’s an open lunch event, anyone can join us, so if you know anyone who would be interested, feel free to bring them along. If you’re not hungry, just grab a coffee and join in anyway. We’re booked in at Bar George at 12:30 on Thursday 19th January. See you there!

Talk Tech Third Thursday – December 2016

As another year comes to a close, we have our last Third Thursday of the year coming up this week. As usual, I’ve booked a table for us at Bar George so we can meet up, talk about the latest tech news and even enjoy some festive cheer.

If you’ve never joined us, Talk Tech on Third Thursday is an informal gathering of people who work in the tech sector, who are interested in technology or who simply want to learn a bit more about the technology that surrounds them. We’ve been meeting for some time now and always end up having a great chat about gadgets, social media, virtual reality, bitcoin or whatever people may be working on. It’s an open table, so anyone is free to join us and we always look forward to new experiences and knowledge to add to the group.

So if you’re not busy this Thursday (15th December) at 12:30, come join us at Bar George in Douglas.

Talk Tech on Third Thursday – November 2016

Wow, Third Thursday does come around quickly sometimes, quicker on some months than others! Well, it’s arrived again and time for our Talk Tech on Third Thursday Lunch. We’re currently meeting at Bar George at 12:30, so I’ve gone ahead and booked a table for us.

So, what is this Talk Tech lunch? Well, we’re a group of friends who meet once a month to do just that, talk about the latest tech, discuss what’s going on and share news and exploits that we’ve come across since the last time we had lunch. We’ve had chats on mobile phones, virtual reality, cryptocurrency and whatever happens to be the flavour of the month.

So, if Tech is your thing and you’re doing nothing this Thursday, come join us for lunch! See you Thursday 17th November at 12:30!

On Serendipity

Serendipity always delights me! I guess it stems from the definition really, after all a ‘happy coincidence’ cannot but make you happy. But that moments when things line up, when you realise that a stroke of fortune is coming your way, well, I find that can light up the gloomiest day. I was thinking about this on my way to this afternoon’s meetup, a gathering of altMBA alumni in London. Living in the Isle of Man makes it harder to just drop in on these events, and I had missed the first one I knew about. But, as I’m heading to Web Summit tomorrow, this meetup just fell slap bang in the middle of my travel. In fact, it’s a pretty convenient way to break up a two-flight trip 🙂

There’s a great definition of serendipity on Wikipedia, but my favourite bit is the section of serendipity in scientific discovery:

The serendipitous can play an important role in the search for truth, but is often ignored in the scientific literature because of traditional scientific behavior and scientific thinking based on logic and predictability.

Successful researchers can observe scientific results with careful attention to analyzing a phenomenon under the most diverse and different perspectives. They can question themselves on assumptions that do not fit with empirical observations. Realizing that serendipitous events can generate important research ideas, these researchers recognize and appreciate the unexpected, encouraging their assistants to observe and discuss unexpected events.

Serendipity can be achieved in groups where a ‘critical mass’ of multidisciplinary scientists work together in an environment that fosters communication, establishing the idea that the work and the interest of a researcher can be shared with others who may find a new application for new knowledge.

I guess the takeaway here is that serendipity can be designed into a process. Removing rigour from a process leaves room for ‘luck’ and other anomalous events that can yield unexpected consequences. It’s up to us however to be open to these events and take advantage of them when they occur.

Something to look out for I guess …

Talk Tech on Third Thursday – October 2016

This Thursday is the Third Thursday of the month and as we’ve been doing for a while now, we’re meeting up for a Techie lunch to share the latest news, talk about our new gadgets and share problems, solutions and whatever is new in the tech world. The topics of conversation tend to be varied, depending on who turns up, but we’ve talked about social media, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality and a host of other technologies. The main topic is always technology, though we tend to skid into adjacent topics from time to time.

It’s an open lunch date, anyone can join us. And we always have a varied group, from people specialising in tech, to others who run start ups to others who spend their time building systems and solutions. So if you want to meet some interesting folk, please come and join us. Bring your gadgets, bring your problems, but above all, bring your stories and exploits.

We’re meeting at Bar George in Douglas between 12:30 and 14:00 this Thursday 20th October. And if you don’t have time for lunch, just come and grab a quick cup of coffee. Hope you can join us!

Talk Tech on Third Thursday – September 2016

Spotted any interesting tech this month? Or have your tried something out and are dying to tell people about it? Well, whether you’ve got something to share, or if you just want to listen to what’s new, then coming and Talk Tech this Third Thursday with us!

So, what is this all about? Every Third Thursday we get together to talk about new and emerging technologies. Topics are always varied, based on who turns up and what’s new but over the last few months we’ve discussed IoT (Internet of Things), Bitcoin, Robotics, Android, Tech Startups, Augmented Reality and all sorts of other topics. It’s an open invitation, everyone is welcome, so feel free to bring a friend or colleague along.

We’re meeting at Bar George this Thursday 15th at 12:30. Hope to see you there!