Apple confirms iPhone date (and videos for your site)

Woohoo .. It’s great to see that the iPhone is on schedule:

Did you like the video above? I got it from a website called The News Room who have a whole selection of news clips which get updated daily. The interesting thing is that you can embed as many news clips as you want on your blog and you can also get paid for the pleasure of doing it! It’s a great way of adding fresh content to your website and the monetisation is a great way to make sure that the idea spreads.

So how does it work? Well, when you browse their site, every video clip has a “Mash” button on it. If you see something you want to replicate on your site, just click the button and you’re given the code to add this to your site. It’s a simple as that! Monetisation comes from advertisement that is shown with the clip, so every time someone watches the clip, you get something (it’s tiny, but it builds up). You also get a commission when someone chooses to Mash content directly off your site.

It’s an interesting model that uses viral techniques to spread. Not only are the clips newsworthy, but the promise of monetisation will attract a number of webmasters to add the feature to their site. I particularly like the way you can create your own channel by selecting topics and embed this on your website. Your channel will then be updated whenever there is new news on those topics. How’s that for fresh content?


  1. The iPhone may be great, and that Reuters report suggests that it will be less expensive than other reports I’d come across, but the mobile phone marketplace is highly competitive and I’m not sure if Apple really understands what it’s getting into.

    Still, if they do meet their target of 10 million iPhones this year, it will be a very impressive achievement (10 million handsets in one market in 6 months, cf. the 25 million iPods that are sold worldwide in a year).

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