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Thinking about the customer – Why Sure no longer works for me


Had an interesting experience this weekend, so I thought I’d jot down my thoughts, after all that’s what a blog is for, right? And it’s about time I picked up writing again. So, here in the Isle of Man we have 2 telecoms providers, Manx… Read more »

Third Thursday – November 2015


Third Thursday has come around again and as Jabberwocky doesn’t have their big space any more, we’re moving to Bar George where I’ve booked us a table at 12:30. We’ll try this out and if it works well, we’ll keep this as our regular Third… Read more »

We’re building a Fablab!


Development in the Cloud


My mate John introduced me to a fantastic platform today called Cloud 9. It’s a cloud based development platform that gives you an IDE you can develop on and share with others. You can pick your configuration and start working within a few minutes, using… Read more »

Periscope your Tynwald Day #DigitIsle


Tynwald Day is the ideal time to showcase everything that is great about our Island – and this year there’s a plan to reach out to a global audience and break a world record. Twitter’s hottest new app, called Periscope, allows you to broadcast live… Read more »

Third Thursday – February 2015

Prosciutto, anchovy and onion pizza.

It’s Third Thursday this week and time to meet up for lunch to talk about Social Media, new websites and apps and all the latest in tech. And who are we you may ask? We’re a group of enthusiasts who got into Social Media early… Read more »

Fantastic tech at CES 2015

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES

Just came across a video showcasing some of the tech that’s currently on display at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s a show I’ve always wanted to attend, but I’ve never had the opportunity to. The great thing about the web today… Read more »