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Loving my new wireless charger


One of the great things about my new Nexus 5 is the fact that is supports wireless charging. The great thing about wireless charging today is that a new standard has emerged that is supported by a number of devices. This has led to a… Read more »

Waiting for the Jabra Rox Wireless


Just saw these new earphones that were announced at CES a few days ago, the Jabra Rox Wireless, which look just fantastic. They’re wireless headphones that use Bluetooth to talk to your phone, so literally all you have are two ear buds connected by a… Read more »

Regulation driving technology

email marketing

It’s interesting to see what drives the technology curve. You sort of assume that things like product innovation processes are consumer led; needs are identified and someone comes up with a way of addressing them. Obviously, you need advances in technology to support such things…. Read more »

Evohome – a step towards a smarter home!


As you probably know, I’m always looking for gadgets and devices to play with and having a smarter home is one thing that’s high up my list. I’ve been looking at Nest recently, but while I think it’s a really cool device, it doesn’t really… Read more »

The start-up finalists at Techcrunch Disrupt Europe 2013 #tcdisrupt

2013-10-27 10.24.01

I’m lucky to find myself at the first Techcrunch Disrupt to be held in Europe, and the heart of the event is a Startup Battlefield where 14 start-ups (chosen out of more than 500 candidates) present their ideas and products. There’s a $50,000 prize for… Read more »

DECT – Bring on the magic


It’s quite fun to compare today’s technology with what was around when I was a kid. One gadget that always brings a smile to my face is the cordless phone, a device which most of us have in our houses, yet never think twice about…. Read more »

Charge your gadgets while camping


Here’s a great device I came across today. It’s called the Biolite Campstove and is an awesome blend of traditional stove and USB charger. Yup, you heard right, you can plug your phone, lights or any other device into it and juice it right up…. Read more »