3D Mind Maps

I find that when I’m studying I tend to keep notes in a form very similar to Mind Maps. I find it quite intuitive yet, I’ve never taken it a step further to look at computer information organizer software. There’s a selection of packages you can use as an Information Organizer, including FreeMind and Labyrinth which are both open source. However, I’ve come across a 3d mindmapping software review which seems to take it a step further.

Here‘s another excellent post of 3D MindMaps which includes a number of videos showing the process. The biggest problem with traditional MindMaps is that a single plane isn’t enough to show the linkages between different ideas and you end up with joining lines all over the place. 3D MindMaps solve this problem. I might just download the Personal Edition and give it a whirl.


  1. Mapping is used a lot in education. We somestimes call it mind-mapping, but more often concept mapping.

  2. Angie’s comment reminds me that I was first introduced to mind-mapping when I was studying for my teacher’s license, back when the earth’s crust was still cooling… More recently, I’ve played with FreeMind a good bit — enough to be quite interested in trying out this 3D mind-mapping software. Thanks for the tip!

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