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Buy your shares with Bitcoin


Here’s an interesting player in the Bitcoin market. It’s an investment platform called DriveWealth which lets you do all your investment transactions in one place. Looks like a decent platform with low charges and the ability to run an account with dummy funds to learn… Read more »

Quidco – Best Maintenance Page of the Year

Sharpest tool in the shed

Don’t you love it when something surprises you and puts a smile on your face? It’s especially cool when you’re faced with something that normally evokes a negative response. That’s just what happened when I tried to visit Quidco and found their “We’re undergoing maintenance”… Read more »

Bring Instagram to life with Instajunction


Most of us have been using Instagram for ages now. I don’t know if you guys are power users, but some of us have hundreds of images locked into that platform. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we could use those images for something cool?… Read more »

Why is SEO like lipstick?


I must have still been a bit sleepy this morning while driving to work. You know how it is, the mind wanders, your creative juices start flowing and you start making connections that weren’t so obvious before. My train of thought this morning was how… Read more »

Brand New Build – Brand New Theme


Well, after I woke up a few days ago to find that this site had been compromised, I wiped the whole thing and started afresh (well, almost the whole thing, I kept a backup of all the content of course). It’s a brand new WordPress… Read more »

Trying to grow a Magic Fish

Arthur and I started out a new project today, trying to grow a Magic Fish. Well, it’s nothing out of a Harry Potter novel, more of a Christmas Gift that needs to be grown in time for Christmas. The Magic Fish is really a type… Read more »

The ABCs of Power Conditioning

The beauty of the Web is that there’s always something new to learn at every turn. Take today for example, I learnt all there is to learn about Power Conditioning thanks to the PowerVar website. They have a great page that describes in lots of… Read more »