Look out for Ask3D

Seems like there’s great news today down at Ask.com. They are unveiling so many new features that they really look like a brand new search engine. The main feature is going to be the move towards personalisation for users. There’s a host of changes and SearchEngineLand lists the top 10 reasons they like the changes.

The main question on everyone’s lips is whether the changes will enable Ask.com to get more market share. It certainly looks great, however they are realy following in Google’s footsteps here and the results they are showing are based on their old search results anyway. My friend Rory spent a week using Ask instead of Google to see whether he could live with it and ended up very very frustrated. Seems like Ask doesn’t have anywhere near the same size of data, processing power or relevance that Google has. Until this is addressed, I’m afraid Ask is just a lame duck!

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