1. looks like WordPress gallery strikes again 🙂
    Your thumbnail pics currently link to an individual page for each, with… … a thumbnail on 🙂 Click on this 2nd thumbnail, and the pic finally opens. I suffer from the same issue (absent mindedness 😉 ) with my posts.

  2. Yeah, it’s the standard WP gallery. I find it works well though, as the 2nd thumbnail is really a mid-sized pic, rather than the full-sized one. With most of the above, you never actually need to go all the way to the full-sized one.

    I think of it more of a feature than a bug 😉

  3. There is the option within the gallery to link the thumbnail to the image itself though, rather than the individual page with just the thumbnail/mid-sized pic on it.

  4. Do you know what the advantage of doing it this way is? People can leave comments on idividual photos (when they’re shown in mid-sized format)

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