A laser printer for under $100

I was pretty surprised today while looking thought the sale page on Buy.com, that you can get a wireless laser printer for under $100. The Brother HL-2170W will set you back around $89 .. and with free shipping to the US, if you lived in America that would be all you’d be paying.

It looks like a neat little printer boasting everything you would want from a laser printer and then some more. Here are some of the features on offer:

  • Fast laser printing at up to 23ppm
  • Includes built-in wireless (802.11b/g) and Ethernet network interfaces
  • HQ1200 resolution (up to 2400 x 600 dpi) for high-quality output
  • 250-sheet paper capacity
  • 32MB memory standard
  • Compact size for home or home office
  • Great for family or office printer sharing
  • PCL6 emulation standard
  • 10,000 pgs. maximum monthly duty cycle

That’s a pretty nifty line-up of features and I’m not only saying that because I was looking for something similar for home. You see, our printer is currently in the attic and most of the time we use our laptops downstairs in the living room. Whenever we print something out we have to run up to make sure it printed fine. I *could* rig up a webcam to see what’s happening, but that’s really a bit of a round-about solution. If I could get myself a wifi printer, I could just lock it away in the cupboard and pull it out only when I need it.

Obviously there are other scenarios where a printer like this could be handy. It’s nice to have something like this wired up in case you ever need to print something at your desk (instead of using the big office printer). Or I can see areas where someone involved in PC support could benefit by having one of these they could cart around with them and whip out them they need it. Yo udon’t even need to plug it in, just use the wifi capabilities to get your prints out.

I love the way gadgets are going nowadays, just getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper


  1. Erm .. I’m not sure if I misread the page, or maybe the price went up because it’s no longer on the “Weekly Deals” page.

    Anyway .. sorry for misleading you 😉 You’re right, still a great price at $144 though 😉

  2. Thanks for the heads up- I’m in the market for a new printer. Even if it’s a bit higher, that is better than what I paid for my last printer—

  3. This is an excellent printer. The resolution lets me print incredible, even microscopic details! Soon they will have tonerless laser printers that can produce even high resolutions using the same technology used in blue ray, predicted resolutions in excess of 4000dpi.

  4. Yay for home money printing. They will cap the resolution to prevent people from doing such things, printers than will be capable of that will either have measures to prevent it or be totally not affordable by most individuals.

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