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Marketing today has become so much more than just throwing material at the wall and hoping that some will stick. I recently came across some promotion for the Samsung G600, a new phone that has a plethora of interesting features. Instead of selling the phone on it’s specifications (something that would normally appeal to us geeks), they have taken the phone out to a specific target by focusing on young people and clubs, style and clubbers.

For example, they’ve put together the Samsung G600 Top thirty uber stylish clubs in the UK, a list of clubs that they thing every image-conscious person should know about. They’re also running a competition where members of the public are invited to vote for their favourite “Queue Jumper, a gallery of 300 people shot at the above clubs with the Samsung G600’s 5Mp camera. They’re also combining this gallery with a similar et of photos collected from Facebook. The winners will all get, guess what .. a Samsung G600 (and the top winner will get offered a modeling contract)

On a techie note, it’s nice to see 5 Megapixel camera making their way to mainstream phones …

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