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Here’s a great initiative I came across on the Web. is a website that lets your sell your old cell phone instead of throwing it away in the bin. It’s a U.S. based website (so only operates in the American market), but they seem to be much more stringent with their waste over there. Because of the number of toxic chemicals that go into a phone, it’s actually illegal in some States to throw your phone in your household waste; so you an immediately see where there’s a need in the market for someone to take care of this issue. operate on the basis that used cell phones actually still carry some value. This enables them to pay for collection of the phone and possibly give the previous owner some compensation (in the form of cash) for his phone. It’s a great idea which helps the environment and helps people recycle their old kit at the same time.

Some of the stats on the site are pretty remarkable. Did you know that only around 3% of American actually recycle their phone at the moment? They have recycles 250,000 phones since they started up the website in 2002, paying an average of $25 per phone. Most people tend to leave their old phones running around, forgotten in a drawer somewhere. So bookmark the site, keep in mind for the next time you want to dispose of a phone.

I wonder if there’s anyone in the UK that provides the same service?

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