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Honeypot : Some reading for startups


I came across some great articles with advice for startups in my wanders around the Web today. I used to use this blog to dump links in the past. I used to call the Honeypots as they served to distract the mind from what you… Read more »

Introducing Future Tech


Some of you may already know, but last month I quit my job at Intelligence/Webtech and struck out on my own. It’s been a tremendously busy period for me, hence the lack of updates on the blog; but I’m finally starting to catch up and… Read more »

Check out the Max Cube


I love seeing campaigns that really engage their target customers. That’s exactly what I was thinking while watching this video of Pepsi’s recent campaign in Southbank and other locations around the UK earlier this year. The campaign consisted of black cube with a countdown designed… Read more »

Good luck to @SatyaNadella and Microsoft


It’s great to see that finally Microsoft gets a chance to grab control of its future. The last few years under Ballmer’s direction have been positively dire! Even looking through Microsoft jobs gives one the feeling that they’re focusing predominantly on Sales Executives rather than… Read more »

The Peachy Printer on Kickstarter

3D Printer at the Fab Lab

Those who know me well always expect me to be talking about the latest technology or gadgets. Well, it is something I have a passion for after all and m usually pretty happy to engage on either of these topics. It will come as no… Read more »

Heineken: Are Legends Born, or Made?


I’ve just come across a great campaign by Heineken called “Voyage” with the tagline “Are legends born, or made?” It is testing what men are truly made of when taken out of their daily lives and dropped into the great unknown.¬†Imagine the following situation. You… Read more »

Tailoring the experience for your customers


I came across a great example of a website looking to provide the best experience possible to their customers yesterday. As some of you might know, the media here in the British Isles was buzzing with news that the Royal Couple was expecting a baby… Read more »