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Quidco – Best Maintenance Page of the Year

Sharpest tool in the shed

Don’t you love it when something surprises you and puts a smile on your face? It’s especially cool when you’re faced with something that normally evokes a negative response. That’s just what happened when I tried to visit Quidco and found their “We’re undergoing maintenance”… Read more »

To Protect and Serve .. but not to inspire trust?

Police charge in with batons flying

I came across an interesting website today, that of West Yorkshire Police, which is interesting in that it has an Online Compliments Form and an Online Complaints Form. A couple of things hit me about those forms, which inspired me to put pen to paper… Read more »

Brand New Build – Brand New Theme


Well, after I woke up a few days ago to find that this site had been compromised, I wiped the whole thing and started afresh (well, almost the whole thing, I kept a backup of all the content of course). It’s a brand new WordPress… Read more »

The ABCs of Power Conditioning

The beauty of the Web is that there’s always something new to learn at every turn. Take today for example, I learnt all there is to learn about Power Conditioning thanks to the PowerVar website. They have a great page that describes in lots of… Read more »

Choosing my Christmas Gifts

I know it’s a few months till Christmas, but a number of retailers are already getting ready for Christmas. Yes, there are stores already advertising their Christmas merchandise; so I thought I might as well get planning what I want, or maybe what Christmas gifts… Read more »

Want your camera fixed?

Image via Wikipedia Here’s an interesting service consisting of a company that will fix your camera; they fix any camera anywhere in the world. The claim to have the fastest possible camera repair at the best possible price. I’ve had a quick skeet of their… Read more »

What’s in an online casno?

Here’s an interesting thought. What does it take to run an online casino? Well, obviously you need a website, and a good one at that, but you also need a team manning phones, content editors and marketeers. You also need to operate within a legislative… Read more »