First there was Powerpoint …

Hot news off the press: Google has just announced that their suite of office applications which till now consisted of word processor and spreadsheet, will be supplimented with a presentation tool. They have acquired a company called Tonic Systems which specialises in Java presentation automation products and solutions for document management.

This gives Google a two-pronged advantage. The most immediate is the launch of an online product to compete directly with Microsoft Powerpoint. However, the document management solutions, coupled with the massive storage we have seen on Gmail, could give Google an entry into the enterprise space and places where Microsoft has been stuggling to get into. Yes, Microsoft Sharepoint now does Records Management, but it’s still not a fully-fledged enterprise class document management solution (in my opinion of course). I’m not up to speed on Tonic Systems’ solutions, but I’m keen to find out more, so watch this space!


  1. I knew this one was coming, not because any inside knowledge but because of the way Google does business. We will be running Google OS when they get around to making it which might be a good thing. Nice website…

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