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Honeypot : Some reading for startups


I came across some great articles with advice for startups in my wanders around the Web today. I used to use this blog to dump links in the past. I used to call the Honeypots as they served to distract the mind from what you… Read more »

Isle of Man moving to regulate Digital Currencies

Bitcoin, bitcoin coin, physical bitcoin, bitcoin photo

It’s nice to see that the Isle of Man is getting its act together with respect to Cryptocurrencies; in fact I’ve just come across a Press Release that states just that. I’m not sure I’m on board with all the measures being suggested, but this… Read more »

Keeping Staff Productive Through The Winter


Productivity is a constant struggle in the winter when people naturally find it harder to stay focused and work to their full potential. There are many factors that can influence our state of mind and ability to concentrate during the colder months. Managers simply need… Read more »

Lean Workshop


I took part in a workshop today which was focused on the principle of Lean Process Improvement. For those of you who have never come across the term before the Lean ideology focuses on improving customer value in processes while minimizing waste. There were some… Read more »

Check out Tubu’s new TV ad

Server room

Today I came across a posting on Facebook by my friend Andy, who runs a hosting business called Tubu Internet Solutions. He’s uploaded a video of their latest TV advert; yup, it was shown on TV. Check it out here: I love the video, the… Read more »

Learning about Reverse Mortgages


It’s pretty surprising how many financial instruments there are out there. Some you may be familiar with and some not. That’s particularly the case as different countries have different ideas and products that are introduced from time to time. For example, today I came across… Read more »

Make your own T-Shirts with Printed Wardrobe

I was asked by my friends down at Fuel My Blog to review a site where you can create and sell your own clothing. The site is called Printed Wardrobe and to tell you the truth I’ve just spent the last couple of hours playing… Read more »