The rise/demise of podcasting?

Marketing Pilgrim have an interesting post on podcasting that looks at some research that suggests that podcasting is on the rise. The post is based around some findings that Edison Media Research have published.

My take on it

I think the biggest challenge podcasting faces is making itself accessible to the masses. It’s still not as straightfoward as it could be to subscribe to a feed and find it available when you have time to listen to it. There’s still an amount of planning for pod-casting-savvy users to go through and the reality is that most people out there jut aren’t bothered.

For podcasting to be a success it needs to be as available as listening to the radio – available at the touch of a single button – whenever and wherever the listener wants it.

What do you think?

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  1. I love to do podcast, if only it is not so much of a chore to me ‘cos of all the files conversion etc. Hehehe, I dream of becoming Oprah! LOL.

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