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The Isle of Man Enterprise Development Scheme


I attended a presentation yesterday organised by the JCC, where a government representative outlined the workings of the Isle of Man Enterprise Development Scheme that was recently approved by Tynwald. I don’t have the slides to share, but in the meantime, I’d like to share… Read more »

Tailoring the experience for your customers


I came across a great example of a website looking to provide the best experience possible to their customers yesterday. As some of you might know, the media here in the British Isles was buzzing with news that the Royal Couple was expecting a baby… Read more »

Thoughts about new gTLDs


Yesterday I was asked for a comment about the new gTLDs by one of our local radio stations, Manx Radio. If you’re asking what a gTLD is, well, it’s an acronym for “generic top level domain”. We’re all used to our websites having names ending… Read more »

Izea gets leaner and meaner

Image by Wendy Piersall via Flickr I came across a post on Izea’s blog talking about their latest release to their PayPerPost platform. Here’s what Ted (IZEA’s CEO) said: When SocialSpark launched we adjusted its margins to create a model that would be profitable for… Read more »

Microsoft tries the “Tesco strategy”

It seems like everyone and his dog has some sort of loyalty scheme nowadays. You can collect points when you shop in your local supermarket, when you take a trip in a plane and now, even when you Microsoft‘s Live Search. It’s a scheme called… Read more »

Analyze your backlinks

My mate Carlo just sent me a link to a website you can use to analyze your backlinks. Analyze Backlinks, as the site is so aptly called, let you specify a URL, and comes back with a list of pages that reference the URL. Using… Read more »

That crazy little thing called … PR

I’ve just posted this to a messageboard I frequent, and it made enough sense for me to want to echo it here. It’s about Google PageRank and the recent fluctuations site owners (especially blog owners) are seeing recently. Just to add context, there are some… Read more »