It’s been a few years since we used to see goods on eBay. Back in the day we used to sell joke items and any of the things that we used to sell on the Joke Shop. The biggest problem was that most items were small value and the eBay and PayPal fees were astronomical in comparison to the profit we made on the small joke items. So, we considered going to bigger value items like electronics or even jewellery.

One area we looked into was the diamond market. Items are high value and there’s a good demand. The diamond market has changed over the years, however the value keeps going up and demand is still very strong. And it’s one of those markets where old stock actually appreciates instead of losing it’s value. There are a number of places where you can get discount diamonds and putting it together wouldn’t have taken too much effort.

In the end we decided not to go ahead with it, partly because of the startup costs and by then there were lots of other people selling diamonds (not always of good quality) on eBay. Good story though.

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