Brand New Build – Brand New Theme

Well, after I woke up a few days ago to find that this site had been compromised, I wiped the whole thing and started afresh (well, almost the whole thing, I kept a backup of all the content of course). It’s a brand new WordPress installation and I decided to clear out all my old themes and plugins and only install what I needed. It’s quite refreshing sometimes actually to start from scratch.

Anyway, I’ve got a brand new theme in place, the awesome BlogIT! WordPress theme by my mate Hyder. You’ll have to bear with me while I find my feet, these theme makes excellent use of any graphical resources you have on your blog, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve never really devoted much attention to styling. So I’m resting on the theme for that, but hopefully, I’ll be learning as I go along and the site will look prettier and prettier 😉

Have a poke around and let me know what you think!


  1. Sorry to hear about your site getting hacked. Were you able to find out how it got compromised? It might help for you to watch out against exposing those same vulnerabilities in the future.

  2. PHP, WordPress compromised? :O
    Good job I’m making moves myself!
    Nice look 🙂
    I’m hoping to launch mine tomorrow …

    Nothing like an Easter coding …

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