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Trying to grow a Magic Fish

Arthur and I started out a new project today, trying to grow a Magic Fish. Well, it’s nothing out of a Harry Potter novel, more of a Christmas Gift that needs to be grown in time for Christmas.

The Magic Fish is really a type of Killifish which hatches right out a sachet of eggs. The pack also comes with some brine shrimp which you also get to grow yourself. So today we got everything set up and we’ll see if we manage to get a baby fish and some brine shrimp tomorrow. You have to let the water settle for 24 hours, just to get the chlorine out of the water. We also prepared some salted water with the brine shrimp eggs in it, which should hatch just in time to feed to the baby fish. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they hatch as planned. I’ll keep you updated.

There’s a great range of things at Prezzy Box, which is where the Magic Fish came from. I’ve got a Secret Santa gift to get over the next few days and there’s a whole selection of things there. Check out their website. You’re bound to find something you like.

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