Touching up the car with Chipex

So, a few days ago one of our cars had an an encounter with a wall. Unfortunately it didn’t go too well for the car, and now the side looks a bit like this:

2014-11-01 16.59.02

Looks pretty painful doesn’t it? Well, the good thing is that the body work doesn’t seem to have been pushed in, and the damage is mostly paintwork; so I’m going to try and repair it myself.

I’m going to be using a touch up system called ‘Chipex‘ which is designed to help sort out scratches and chips. I got it colour-matched against the car, so I should have the exact colour that I need. I’ll post the results when it stops raining and I’ve had a chance to work on the car.

In the meantime, here’s a chance to win some Chipex of your very own:

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New Specs from IWearGlasses

A few weeks ago, I had my regular checkup with my lovely local optician. Turns out I needed a completely new set of specs as all my measurements had changed. I had a browse around the shop, but found myself unable to select a pair of specs, I just don’t have the taste you need, and I couldn’t really see myself well in a mirror without corrective lenses, a bit of a Catch-22.

A couple of days later I came across IWearGlasses, a UK based online service that lets you specify what glasses you want, make them up according to your specs and wishes, and ships them to you in the comfort of your home. I liked the fact that they had a 14 day no quibble guarantee, which meant I could return them if something didn’t work for me and best of all, they were cheap, so cheap! I could get 3 pairs of glasses for the price I paid for my last pair! And to boot, I had a code for 10% off their product (use BLOG10 if you want to purchase from there)

So I went ahead and ordered, and my specs arrived yesterday:
2013-06-05 10.45.43

They have a titanium frame, extra thin and extra light varifocal lenses and have optional coatings to reduce glare etc; and they cost me less than £150. If your lenses are simpler you’ll spend much less and don’t forget the BLOG10 code for a 10% off. Recommended!

p.s. I’m actually going to use their reglaze service to revitalise my old frames too. Will keep you posted.

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Social Dieting – Losing 4% of your weight in 4 weeks with #BlogilatesBet

Here’s an interesting concept I’ve come across:

DietBet – Have Fun. Lose Weight. Make Money! from DietBet on Vimeo.

Dietbet is a website that helps you lose weight by making the whole process fun! You sign up to join one their games and pay $25 into a pot. At the end of 4 weeks, if you have lost 4% of your weight you get a share of the pot. Simple idea, but loaded with all sorts of social goodness. You’re competing against other dieters, and rallying support from your friends on social networks.

So I’ve signed up to join the Blogilates June Bet. There are over 4000 people taking part in this one, with over $100,000 in the prize pot. Blogilates is a brand built by a fitness instructor by the name of Cassey Ho. I came across her pilates videos on YouTube and got hooked on her passion and joie de vivre. Worth checking out if you’re looking to lose some weight.

You can join too!

Study English in Malta

That’s right! I said study English in Malta, and for good reason. Not only does this tiny little Mediterranean jewel boast the kind of crystal clear blue seas that make you want to quit your job, but it’s also bilingual, relatively cheap and filled with travelers from across the globe.

For the last few thousand years, people have been calling Malta their home, and they’ve all left their mark in some way. From the Phoenicians, to the Romans, the French, the Turks, The British and the Knights of Malta, they’ve all added a little special something to the hot pot of culture which makes up modern day Malta.

English: The Blue Lagoon at boat level with Ke...The latest batch of invaders come in the form of students from around the world, eagerly looking to study English in Malta whilst soaking up the local flavour. It’s a great place, where summers are spent outdoors, people actually like strangers, and everyone is glad of the opportunity to practice their newfound language skills.  It’s quite the opposite of much of Europe where the art of socializing can sometimes seem to have taken a steep nosedive. Malta stands firm, welcoming visitors, largely crime-free, and offering a mix of local flair and the English language – a legacy left long ago by the island’s former years of British rule.

There are plenty of language schools, and since it’s important to the economy, they’re well-regulated, meaning you can’t go too far wrong, although some do distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. It’s a great place to learn English and students come back year after year, falling in love with the simplicity and friendliness they find in such abundance. Clothes-wise the summer season means little more than shorts, a t-shirt, flip flops and plenty of sun tan lotion. Winter means a light jacket and possibly an umbrella during January and February. Apart from the odd thunderstorm and lows of around 12ºC in winter, Malta’s climate is incredibly warm, with over 300 days of sunshine per year.

Touring and activities are readily available, with the world’s oldest temples, the fabulous fortifications built by the Knights of Malta, the silent city of Mdina, shopping, nightlife, diving and much more on the cards. For such a small island, the variety and quality of activities is incredible, and if you have time, there’s also the neighbouring island of Gozo, and the Blue Lagoon on the tiny island of Comino to explore.

Next time you want to study English, learn more about yourself and have a great break at the same time, remember Malta – it’s got everything you’re looking for!

Study English in Malta Sprachreisen Malta

Radio in the shower

So a few days ago I got a Tap Shower Radio from ParamountZone to play with. There have all sorts of stocking fillers for men, women, and kids, but this caught my eye because, let’s be honest, we all love to sing in the shower from time to time 🙂

The radio does everything you’d expect, it has an AM/FM selector, a tuning dial, and the tap part is used to turn the radio on and adjust volume. In practice the sound was decent, though I found it quite sensitive when trying to adjust to a channel I wanted to listen to. It’s a great little stocking filler costing under a fiver, so a great surprise on Xmas morning.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to enjoy mine for Xmas, I left it stuck to the bathroom wall and came back to find it had lost it’s grip and smashed itself on the floor. Well, that’s what I think happened anyway. It’s either that or someone didn’t like my singing …

What’s in YOUR kitchen?

It’s been an expensive month so far, but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking at making changes to our house. One of the places that may need a revamp in the near future is our kitchen, so we’ve been looking around the web, getting ideas of what we could be doing and trying to find inspiration for something we both like.

We did come across some kitchen cabinets we like at the Kitchen Cabinet Depot. They’re based in the US, so we won’t be ordering directly from them, but as far as ideas are concerned, their ranges are a source of great inspiration. I was looking at their Venetian White range for example. You can see all the different units that they produce. They are delivered as flat-packed furniture, ready for assembly, but just the sheer range of choice is staggering. You can literally design and build your own unique kitchen, just by picked out the standard bits you’re after and putting everything together yourself (a bit like Lego for your kitchen).

Here’s another cool thing about the Kitchen Cabinet Depot. They have a Green Pledge which states that for every order that gets placed with them, they will plant a tree to replenish the wood that was used in the making of the kitchen. It’s a great idea and one I’m sure their customers will back fully. Yes, when buying a kitchen, your main focus is going to be one of form or function, but it’s nice to know that a moral choice has been made and it’s a great story to tell about your kitchen.

Anyway, I’ll be looking for more ideas in the near future, as we try to decide what our new kitchen will look like. Any suggestions or recommendations, just go ahead and drop in a comment!

Summer holidays

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You know, the weather is starting to improve and it’s really funny how a spot of sunshine changes everything. It lifts the mood, it makes you feel great and it gets you thinking about holidays. Well, it got me thinking about summer holidays anyway; it might have had a different effect on you.

So, where to go  .. where to ? There are a million and one options, and we certainly have family to visit in Malta. But then there are other places that the kids would enjoy too. I’ve heard some great things about Mallorca from a friend of ours who stayed in one of those Pollensa villas. They had a great holiday there and one of the things they enjoyed was the fact that they had a self-catering arrangement. I quite like staying in a hotel and having all the comfort of someone else doing the beds, tidying up and doing the cooking and cleaning. But there’s something to be said about having the freedom to come and go as you please. And that’s a particularly good thing when you still have young babies who may wake up crying in the night and disturb other holiday makers.

Of course, there are other holidays that are just as attractive. Going skiing for example. Not that the babies are going to be skiing, but I can just imagine the twins would have a whale of a time. I know Arthur would really enjoy it. But really Summer is more about sun and sea for me, so maybe one of those Puerto Pollensa villas might be a better option.

So, here’s a question for you. What are you planning for this summer? Are you heading to the sea or are you heading to the mountains? Is it going to be surfing or skiing? I’d love to hear what you’re up to.