What’s in YOUR kitchen?

It’s been an expensive month so far, but that doesn’t mean we’re not looking at making changes to our house. One of the places that may need a revamp in the near future is our kitchen, so we’ve been looking around the web, getting ideas of what we could be doing and trying to find inspiration for something we both like.

We did come across some kitchen cabinets we like at the Kitchen Cabinet Depot. They’re based in the US, so we won’t be ordering directly from them, but as far as ideas are concerned, their ranges are a source of great inspiration. I was looking at their Venetian White range for example. You can see all the different units that they produce. They are delivered as flat-packed furniture, ready for assembly, but just the sheer range of choice is staggering. You can literally design and build your own unique kitchen, just by picked out the standard bits you’re after and putting everything together yourself (a bit like Lego for your kitchen).

Here’s another cool thing about the Kitchen Cabinet Depot. They have a Green Pledge which states that for every order that gets placed with them, they will plant a tree to replenish the wood that was used in the making of the kitchen. It’s a great idea and one I’m sure their customers will back fully. Yes, when buying a kitchen, your main focus is going to be one of form or function, but it’s nice to know that a moral choice has been made and it’s a great story to tell about your kitchen.

Anyway, I’ll be looking for more ideas in the near future, as we try to decide what our new kitchen will look like. Any suggestions or recommendations, just go ahead and drop in a comment!

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