Touching up the car with Chipex

So, a few days ago one of our cars had an an encounter with a wall. Unfortunately it didn’t go too well for the car, and now the side looks a bit like this:

2014-11-01 16.59.02

Looks pretty painful doesn’t it? Well, the good thing is that the body work doesn’t seem to have been pushed in, and the damage is mostly paintwork; so I’m going to try and repair it myself.

I’m going to be using a touch up system called ‘Chipex‘ which is designed to help sort out scratches and chips. I got it colour-matched against the car, so I should have the exact colour that I need. I’ll post the results when it stops raining and I’ve had a chance to work on the car.

In the meantime, here’s a chance to win some Chipex of your very own:

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