Social Dieting – Losing 4% of your weight in 4 weeks with #BlogilatesBet

Here’s an interesting concept I’ve come across:

DietBet – Have Fun. Lose Weight. Make Money! from DietBet on Vimeo.

Dietbet is a website that helps you lose weight by making the whole process fun! You sign up to join one their games and pay $25 into a pot. At the end of 4 weeks, if you have lost 4% of your weight you get a share of the pot. Simple idea, but loaded with all sorts of social goodness. You’re competing against other dieters, and rallying support from your friends on social networks.

So I’ve signed up to join the Blogilates June Bet. There are over 4000 people taking part in this one, with over $100,000 in the prize pot. Blogilates is a brand built by a fitness instructor by the name of Cassey Ho. I came across her pilates videos on YouTube and got hooked on her passion and joie de vivre. Worth checking out if you’re looking to lose some weight.

You can join too!

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