Ending the year with a joke

Here’s a good joke to end the year with:

Hans goes to Thailand on a business trip. When there he goes to a “gentleman’s” club seeking compliant female company.

The Mama sends a girl over. She drinks. He drinks. She sits on his lap. Hans whispers in her ear and makes a suggestion.
She screams. Slaps his face and runs off.

Mama sends another girl over. Once again after a while Hans makes a whispered suggestion. The girl screams. Jumps up horrified and runs off in tears.

The same with a third girl, a fourth girl. Whatever Hans is suggesting even her most seasoned girls balk at.

So Mama thinks that she’ll have a go with Hans. She has not done the bedroom work for some years but she is quite understanding of the demands men make.

What can Hans be suggesting that disgusts the girls so much they run screaming from the bar?

So the Mama sits on Hans’s lap. They drink. Hans gets bold and whispers in Mama’s ear the very same suggestion he has made to all the girls so far: “Can I pay in Euros?”

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  1. Poor old Euro, it’s not worth so much any more. Given your post about the beer and the banks I should have seen this one coming but I laughed all the same.

    Let’s hope the new year can bring something good.

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