Loving the Velvet Lobster on the Quay

I met up with some mates at the Velvet Lobster here in the Isle of Man and was pleasantly surprised how great it was. It’s always the same when you find a new place, you don’t want to share it with everyone, for fear that it will be packed next time you turn up, but this place was just great. It’s a coffee shop/snack bar sort of place with great ambiance and the food was very very nice. I had a coffee banoffee shake and it was to die for!

Anyway, I met up with @jamesq and @nickop, two Twitter buddies of mine (unfortunately @toonjamie couldn’t join us) and we decided we should probably meet up more often and maybe organise something for all our Twitter friends. So if you’re based in the Isle of Man and use Twitter, follow one of the guys above and you’ll know when the next one it 😉

p.s. I love the way Zemanta automatically picks out your Twitter friends and lets you link directly to their profile 😉


  1. i love finding new places to go, and i’m like you…i’m afraid that if i tell anyone word will get out and it will become too popular too fast!

  2. Yeah .. Zemanta rocks. Their new version lets you specify your other blogs, as well as your FaceBook and Twitter profile, and it will pick out your posts and contacts as link suggestions

  3. Zemanta? I’ve never even heard of this one. No wonder, since I have a hard time to keep up with the ones I already have…

    But that coffee banoffee shake – do I wish I could try that!

  4. Hi from Zemanta,

    yeah, we hope to let you concentrate on your writing and we should take care of linking :). Further suggestions on functionality and social networks to support are welcome!

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  5. Hey, that’s the same reason we here in Seattle are content to let everyone think that it rains here constantly. There are really enough folks here already!

    A little secret, though. The “bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle.”

    Just come to visit. 🙂

  6. Hello,
    You’ll be pleased to now that we now offer wi-fi with purchases at the lobster.

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