I graduate in November!

Yesterday, I received a letter in the post; a letter I’ve been expecting for a few weeks now. It confirmed that I had all the requirements to get my MBA and that I graduate in November! I was over the moon! It’s nice to know that all the effort I poured into it has paid off and now I can relax properly.

It’s been quite a journey and I must say I’m pleased at how much I’ve picked up along the way. The topic I enjoyed most was probably either Marketing or Influence; but the topic that seems to have impacted me most was Economics. It made me realise how economies are really just big processing systems, with inputs and outputs and processes in the middle. It also made me realise how most politicians have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. It amazes me how people are elected to run a country based primarily on their charisma rather than their understanding how a country should be run. Having said that, I really wouldn’t like to be in a politicians shoes, especially when harsh realities of having to decide who gets what hit home. Still, if politics were as well-defined as IT Process Automation, than anyone could do it I suppose; still .. not my game though.

Anyway, glad my MBA is behind me .. did someone ask about a DBA?


  1. Congrats Owen, Well done, so glad that all went well, so very proud of you. good luck.


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