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Graduation was great

I had a great time at my MBA graduation yesterday. It was strange visiting Heriot-Watt, the university I’ve been studying with for the last few years and where I had never been before. I had seen photos and pictures so some images rang a bell,… Read more »

I graduate in November!

photo credit: john curley Yesterday, I received a letter in the post; a letter I’ve been expecting for a few weeks now. It confirmed that I had all the requirements to get my MBA and that I graduate in November! I was over the moon!… Read more »

Culture and Negotiation

Interesting chapter in my Negotiation text tonight about the emphasis some people place on recognising differences and similarities in particular cultures and the reality of how irrelevant it sometimes is. Here’s a poignant section from the text: It is important, however, to recognise the existence… Read more »

The “sell cheap, get famous” ploy

Here’s a great paragraph from the chapter of my Negotiation text I was reading this evening: We are all familiar, I hope, with how advertisements refer not to ‘low wages’ but always to ‘good prospects’, and how buyers speak not of ‘oneoff low priced orders’… Read more »

How to deal with strike action

Excellent snippet from my Negotiation text: In the UK we constantly watch government spokespeople and employers fall into the trap of reinforcing the behaviour of difficult negotiators, though, no doubt, they feel they are undermining it. A strike takes place, for example, and government spokespeople… Read more »

The paradox of bargaining

Here’s an excellent paragraph from my Negotation text: If we negotiate because we value things differently, it is in the bargaining phase that we focus on the differing valuations. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should be given away, no matter how little it is worth to you…. Read more »

B in Organisational Behaviour

Yeah! I managed to get a B in Organisational Behaviour. I would have preferred to get a better grade, but seeing how I managed to read the book, study and revise for the exam in just two months, I don’t think it was too bad… Read more »