I hope that’s just a codename

Just read on TechCruch that Google is preparing to rev up it’s social networking offering by preparing an API for developers to expand on Orkut, iGoogle and other applications of theirs. This will enable them to compete directly with FaceBook on an equal front. The codename of this project: Maka Maka. Sounds like something right out of In the Night Garden, a children’s show with character names like Igglepiggle, Tombliboos and Makka Pakka. I hope the code name doesn’t stick !

Anyway, it’s nice to see Google rise up to the challenge, a response in this arean has been long overdue. Google didn’t need to invest in Facebook the way Microsoft did, as they have a great story of their own to bring to play. The big question is, will this API be simply a technology move, or will Google center it’s advancement around it’s users ?

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  1. Recently found your site, not sure where to put this, you guys seem up on your tech companies: Radical Spark (www.radicalspark.com) is claiming to have this revolutionary web app, very cool app, I hear people talking about it at conferences and such, speculating. I talked with a developer at the Ruby East conference who said he was working on something *really* cool and I’m very curious as to what this is… Any idea what these folks are up to? I’ve been asking around. Thanks.

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