Get a free webcam and headset

It’s amazing how many titbits you can pick up while surfing the Net. Today I came across an offer for a Free Webcam and HeadSet. Well, the retailer isn’t quite giving them away for free, but the page above takes you where you can buy the bundle for $25, and also has a link to a rebate form where you can get a $25 rebate from the manufacturer. Pretty clever huh?

The website I found that link on is called and has apparently been built by a frog called Froggie. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the website has some really great deals like the one I pointed out above. I had a quick look through their list of reviews, products and coupons and although they have a wide range of products in their categorisation structure, they seem to focus predominantly on gadgets and electronics. Not actually computer components you need to assemble your own computer, mind you, but the sort of bits you can just buy and play with. They also have a section dedicated to coupons and discounts from particular suppliers, so you may want to check them out if you’re after something in particular.


  1. i really want a webcam because my pc is the only way i can keep in touch with my family & i dont have the money for one plz help me

  2. my pc is the only way i can see all my family who live quit fare away from me a web cam will make me be hable to see them thanx fore readin

  3. i need a webcam because my dad is passing away and half of my family moved and i want to ceep in touch

  4. boo hoo hooo…i want a free webcam because my family lives far away, my children is dead and my wife divorced me!

    seriously people. if you want one so damn bad go get one for 10 dollars. jesus

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