Marketing Challenges

Some marketing jobs are harder than others. If you marketing a well-known brand and have a good budget behind you, you can achieve great things. However, it can be much harder for some.

For example, take a legitimate company trying to sell pharmaceutical products that most people have only heard of through unsolicited email. You’re starting from a negative position as there’s already a massive negative feeling about the product. This is the case with Hoodia Gordonii Research for example. The product they sell has been mentioned in millions, if not billions, of spam email in the last few months.

So, how are they dealing with this. Well, they have taken the approach of creating an informative website about the product here with the aim of disseminating information about the product. So instead of forcing it down someone’s throat, they are taking a more mature attitude of furnishing information for anyone who is looking for it.

Good luck guys, it’s quite a challenge you have there.

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