Joost for Mac!

I’ve just got a mailshot from Joost about the new version: 0.8. There’s nothing specific on their blog (except that they now support Mac), so I thought I’d post it here:

Today we have good news, and we have great news. In addition to the 0.8 release which includes new CoreAVC Video decoder, which significantly improves the quality of the video, we also have an Intel Mac beta version.

In checking out the improved video quality, we also hope you’ll notice that we’ve added quite a lot of content and quite a few channels. These include:

* Documentaries from National Geographic;
* Loud noise and fast cars from the Indy Racing League;
* Healthy living programming from Lime;
* A variety of reality series in the Lazy TV channel from Endemol;
* Cartoons like Rocky and Bullwinkle in Saturday Morning TV (Classic Media);
* A lineup of independent film makers from IndieFlix;
* More reality TV with the Bridezillas series from September Films;
* Video gaming tricks and reviews form Gamestar;
* Comical, irreverent and edgy programming from Bite TV
* And cool new Bollywood music videos from Savvn.

The number one question that we’ve received throughout our beta period has been about when we’re going to make a Mac version available. We’re happy that we can finally say, that day has arrived! The Mac version looks a lot like the Windows version but behaves like a Mac application. Note this beta is still Intel only.

Are you on the beta yet ?


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