Isle of Man Social Media Club – September 2008

La Pizza di Michele

Another great meeting of the Isle of Man Social Media club today, following the one we had in August. The gathering seems to be growing as I was sitting at one end and there were so many people that I only had conversations with the people around me. So, apologies to people I didn’t really interact with much, but I’m sure a great time was had by all.

The corner I was sitting in discussed a number of things including (but not limited to):

Here are some of the peopl who turned up: Derek, Nick, Leo, StrivePR, ToonJamie, Chris, Rob and many others. The next one is on the 16th October, but I may be away on holiday celebrating my birthday, so not sure if I can make it.

Update: Sherrilynne blogged about it too … eventually …


  1. We also spoke about, the next big thing being location based applications, Google street view, oh and there was a very quick mention of business’s that try and service their customers on different platforms (and how it doesn’t work!) All of which took place in between several slurps of red wine and the odd mouthful of Pizza and Caesar Salad.

  2. I found 2 important plugins from this post. WordPress disaster recovery and the photo dropper.

    I lost all my posts on one of my blogs the other day. That was a real nightmare. My host provider managed to retrieve but I still lost some posts which I had to re write again.

    I feel adding images on wordpress isn’t easy. I usually upload my images somewhere else and paste the code.

  3. @rucksack: Turns out that most of the people who turn up are involved in marketing or PR. Seth is one of the thought leaders in the area (in my humble opinion) so we always end up talking about some idea of his

  4. @Sultana: Re images the new versions of WordPress make it a doddle. You can upload images and it will resize them for you automatically and even turn them into a slideshow if you want.

    Photodropper just makes it easier because you give it a search term and it just pulls them up from Flickr. Zemanta now has a “filter” facility that lets you do the same too

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