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Just been reading about how Qantas will be offering “internet access” on their flights. Except it’s not really internet access, but just a whole bunch of canned pages consisting of “100 movies, 500 television show episodes, 1000 audio CDs, 20 radio channels and 80 games”. Now that’s not very good if you want to get a health insurance quote or check their email.

It’s a bit of a cop out really, when other airlines are working on giving their customers full online access on their flights. Can’t wait for real Internet access to be available in the UK.


  1. Qantas have been behind the times for a while now. When I was flying back and forth between the UK and Australia a few years back I always avoided Qantas flights (there was one flight a day on the Singapore-Sydney leg that used a BA plane and I always got that in preference to the many codeshares with Qantas planes) because they didn’t even have an in flight entertainment system.

    Well, technically I suppose they did, but it was a big screen at the front of the cabin for everyone to watch the same film… very 1990s.

    Sounds like they have the same approach to “Internet” access.

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