Where do you nibble yours?

What an awesome tagline: Where do you nibble yours? This is the tagline for a new snack I’ve just discovered called nibsnibs, a collection of tasty treats that come in fun size packages. I’m sitting at home catching up on some work, and they’re just the right thing to be snacking on (I’m trying the Roasted Sale & Pepper Jumbo Peanuts at the moment). I would say that I actually prefer their Exception Cheese Straws though (tried those yesterday 🙂 )

The snacks are extremely tasty, but I was particularly drawn to the branding on the them. The company is obviously based in Yorkshire and very proud of it, from the selection of their ingredients, all through to the declaration on the packaging that the products come ‘From Yorkshire with Love’. This sort of regional branding provides a pretty strong sense of identity, and in my case, even a vivid mental image. I’m pretty sure their factory isn’t sitting smack bang in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales .. but it’s nice to imagine that’s where your food is coming from.

So, would you like to try some nibsnibs products? If you do, check out the Rafflecopter below on ways you can win yourselves some yummy treats:

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And if you want to learn more about nibnibs, they’re on Twitter and Facebook!

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