Third Thursday – August 2015

Third Thursday is upon us once again and we’re all set for a special Summer Edition. The great thing about summer Third Thursdays is that it’s an opportunity for teachers and others in the education system to join us. Maybe we’ll even see @isleofmandan this time!

So, what’s Third Thursday all about. Well, we’re a bunch of people to meet once a month to have a chat about technology and other subjects surrounding IT and computing. We have conversations about Social Media, show off the latest gadgets that have come our way, discuss movers and shakers in the technology space and generally catch up on what’s going on in the Isle of Man. It’s an open table, anyone can turn up and join us, join us for lunch or just grab a coffee.

If that sounds interesting come an join us at Jabberwocky on Thursday 20th August at 12:30. See you there!

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