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My mate John introduced me to a fantastic platform today called Cloud 9. It’s a cloud based development platform that gives you an IDE you can develop on and share with others. You can pick your configuration and start working within a few minutes, using a Docker based Ubuntu Workspace that can be configured any which way you wish.

I gave it a test and rolled out a WordPress environment in a few seconds. After a few minutes I got bored and spun up a node.js environment, again in a few seconds. A few minutes after that, I started up a Ruby on Rails applications, just to see what that would look like. I was extremely impressed how easy it all was and how quick I could access a wide range of environments.

Cloud 9 has a range of pricing options allowing you to spin up faster and bigger dev environments, but the entry level choice is completely free. In fact, I’m planning to use this for our PHP course at Code Club!

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  1. Yeah it’s awesome 🙂 also dead easy to use MySQL Postgres redis – also has bit bucket and GitHub integration – and code assist option.

    I’m not on commission tho honest !

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