Geek Power – Great Christmas Gift

I’ve been keeping my eyes out for gifts for the family, as you do when Christmas is approaching. I’ve come across a few great things for different members of the family, and it’s always fun to see what new items are hitting the market.

Most of you will remember playing Top Trumps from when you were kids. Well, today I came across this Geek Trumps gave with really tickled me. The game follows the usual Top Trumps format, but this time the cards contain characters and personalities who most geeks will be familiar with. With attributes like “Special Skills” and “Geek Power” these geeks almost sound like superheros. Hours of fun with your mates (well, with some of them anyway). I can think of a few people I could get these for, but I’m not convinced I’d ever get a Christmas gift from them again …

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, have a look at some of the other products on that website. From Meerkat Mugs to Solar Powered Fairy Lights Jars, you’re bound to find something for the whole family. And, if you order soon and use the coupon code TENNEROFF40 you can get £10 off orders over £40 and free UK shipping.

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