A £5 coupon for your pets

I made an online purchase a couple of weeks ago from a company called Nutrecare, an online business that has a huge collection of supplies relevant for anyone with a pet. One of our cats has been making a nuisance of itself, so we bought some Greenfields Stain Remover and some Pet Freshener to help us deal with the problem.

The order process was quite straightforward , though I did have a little issue to Moneybookers accepting my payment. I got a call from their customer services team though, and it was resolved pretty quickly. My items arrived a few days later, a pretty smooth transaction by all accounts.

I’m amazed by the breadth of items that they carry. I didn’t know you could get things like Udder Cream or a Horse Clipper. We only have cats, but I guess other people have different pets. Anyway, I received an email from them a couple of days ago offering a £5 off voucher on £50. Just use coupon code 5OFF when you get to your check out.

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