A touch of perfection

Have you ever come across an architectural design that ‘s made of metal? You tend to find some interesting designs and I always wondered how something as unique as that was produced. It’s not like you can walk into a shop and pick up something you need for this sort of design. Well, it turns out that there are companies that specialise in machining these types of metal pieces that can be used for a variety of purposes including audio grilles, medical and filtration equipment and even decorative pieces for use around the house or in any establishments.

One company that work in this space is Accurate Perforating who specialise in perforated stainless steel sheet. Their website has some great examples of different places where perforated stainless steel sheeting has been used for a number of different applications. I think the most interesting one for me is an application which I didn’t know that perforated metal could be used; and that’s in the field of noise control. Panels of stainless steel with holes in them can reduce noise in areas by providing a surface for sound to bounce off without reducing visibility too much. Don’t you love the way you can learn new things online?

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