USB keys are so cheap nowadays

*grin* .. I was rummaging through my laptop and came across an old memory stick I was given when I joined Solidsoft. It’s a 256Mb stick and I was pretty pleased to get it at the time. I remember signing for it .. as one would for any company asset that was assigned to them. The question is .. what is is worth today?

The reason I posed myself that question is that I came across an 8Gb one for sale on It’s the Kingston 8gb Data Traveller USB 2.0 Flash Drive and is currently retailing for $16.99 (that’s around £10 in sterling). 8GB for a tenner! Wow!

I’ve posted about deals like this from previously on this blog, and I’m checking out the weekly deals every week to see what new prices they come up with. The prices of the items I mention on this blog usually go up after the promotional period is over; but checking the sales page means you can get that extra special deal. It’s always satisfying to check the week after you bought something and see the price go back up to what it was before the promotion. Sort of reinforces the deal; doesn’t it?

So, how much was that last memory stick you bought, and what was the capacity?


  1. Last one I bought was $20 and 1 gb. I got it because it was tiny and my old one was full. That’s one thing I didn’t like about the rise of USBs and the decline of floppy discs- the cost. I could give someone a file on a floppy disc without caring much, but I don’t want to hand over my usb drive.

  2. I always have a couple of older/smaller ones I can use to share stuff around. Most of them come back eventually 😉

  3. I’m with Diane – I recently purchased a real nice 640gig external for an even nicer $150 🙂

    Good price on the USB though ($15 actually) so I passed it along to a friend.

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