FireFox 3 Release Date

FireFox 3 will be available on Thursday 17th June. I picked it up this morning from Techeme and the news is already spreading like wildfire. The developer ecosystem has been preparing for this for some time now with lots of plugins already supporting the new version and it’s nice to see Google Gears have got their prep work in place too.

I’ve been using RC3 since it was released and I haven’t had a single issue, not even one! There was a bug fix issued yesterday, but that was for Mac users. (Even the security guys are happy with it ;)) Memory consumption is quite aggressive, but then, so is my plugin use, so I can’t really fault it. I’ve had no freezes, no crashes and browsing the web is as quick as ever.

Good work guys! There’s nothing left to do but wait for FireFox Download Day, close the exterior shutters so that your funky UV lights can really light the room up and download like there’s no tomorrow!


  1. I love FireFox 3! I switched a few months ago, after having issues with FireFox crashing randomly and repeatedly: on two different computers! Even with fresh installs and NO plugins, the crashes continued to happen. So off to 3 I went, and I’ve never looked back. 🙂

  2. @Jenn: I’m a big big big Firefox fan. Whenever I use IE I miss all the plugins I have running in here. It will be good for the whole world to switch to it 😉

    P.S. Happy Birthday for tomorrow btw

  3. @BenSpark: Have you used the Release Candidate? You can download it now and get all the good stuff early 😉

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