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Excellent Blender session

Blender 2.63 Free Full Version - 3D Modeling Software

We had a great session on Blender today at the Isle of Man Code Club. Gary from Mannimation Studio gave us a tour of the sort of things that Blender can do, showed us how the interface worked and gave us lots of ideas of… Read more »

Try the new Isle of Man Visitor Mobile App


Do you have an iPhone? Have you tried out the Visit Isle of Man App? It’s got a collection of stuff visitors would like to learn about the Isle of Man, but it also have a bunch of stuff all of you should check out…. Read more »

To Protect and Serve .. but not to inspire trust?

Police charge in with batons flying

I came across an interesting website today, that of West Yorkshire Police, which is interesting in that it has an Online Compliments Form and an Online Complaints Form. A couple of things hit me about those forms, which inspired me to put pen to paper… Read more »

Does “the Ribbon” drive you nuts?

Don’t you just hate it when the software you know and love changes all of a sudden. One day you’re happy with the way it works, the next day BANG, it’s all changed. It’s bad enough when you visit a website and find it’s all… Read more »

Taking a step back in time with Visio

It’s interesting how some people prefer the comfort of an environment or interface they’re comfortable with. It applies to your old slippers, your favourite spot, and yes, even the menus on that application you’ve been using for years. A lot has been said about the… Read more »

The pain of 64-bit – Java SDK, Android SDK & Titanium Developer

It’s been a few years since 64-bit operating systems have been around and you’d expect that by now that would have been properly bedded in. I’ve moved onto 64-bit Windows with my new laptop and I’ve been pretty pleased to find that I’ve had no… Read more »

Amazing Books on the iPad

Here’s a great idea that shows the power of electronic devices over traditional books. They’re called Amazing Book and it’s children’s iPad app that is interactive, making sure that kids will remain engaged for the entire reading experience. Kids can read along, or the book… Read more »