Everyone’s getting ready for TT

Living in the Isle of ManThere’s a definite air of excitement brewing all over the Isle of Man as “that time of year” approaches once again. I refer to none other than the Manx TT, the annual motorcycling event that is held here in the Isle of Man once a year. We’re lucky enough to live quite close to the circuit, so can watch the racing any time we wish (see map).

The excitement isn’t just the racing though. Lots of people make their way to the Island and there’s loads of entertainment put on for them. We get a fairground, stunt shows, the Red Arrows and other things to enjoy. You know what they say, having a good time keeps you younger than the best anti wrinkle cream. It’s quite fascinating to see bikers of all ages, from kids to octogenarians, getting on their bike and coming to the Isle of Man.

Are you coming to join us this year?


  1. Hey Owen,

    It’s something I’ve always thought about doing, being a biker and all – Never gotten around to it yet though.

    Funnily enough I was talking to a friend about the TT on Friday and he was absolutely shocked that I hadn’t been :o)

  2. well I guess we will be there 🙂 Owen- can I use your article on the manxmotorsport,com site? I will fully and utterly contribute it to you with your photo – nice article from a grass roots upwards perspective, just what we want

  3. @manxmotorsport: perfectly happy for you to use it. Happy to write a longer piece if you want too

  4. hey owen, we would love you to do a longer piece. We are after a grass roots upwards articles.

    Might be time for a chat – my numbers are on the site contact call me and we will call you back – in UK until 24th and then back in the island – link for a chat perhaps?

  5. Quite happy to meet up. Maybe over coffee? Give me a call when you get back. My number is 303765

  6. hi owen,
    hope you well, as you know Im linking http://www.ttwebcam.com into your full screen camera’s view but that white van seems to have been parked on the prom for a very very long time and cant get an F5 refresh – do you know if the cams are working? catch up with ya this week at some point – Im flexible on time so give me a shout

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