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PKWare will always have a place in my mind as being the people who brought the ZIP compression algorithm to the masses. Their then flagship product, PKZIP, had practically become the de facto standard for compression and was used by everyone I knew.

It seems like PKWare have now made their presence felt in the data security field with a new product called SecureZIP. It uses the same compression process that ZIP does, but has the added benefit that your archive is encrypted and cannot be opened without your passphrase or the correct digital certificate. It will complement any PKI infrastructure you’re part of and supports X.509 RSA v3 certificates issued from recognized certificate authorities such as VeriSign®, Entrust®, and Microsoft®

It’s interesting to see PKWare branching out into this field. It’s a natural extension for them and a compelling reason to buy their product, now that more OSes include the ability to create ZIP files natively. I might just download it to give it a spin, especially as it’s not a time-limited version. You can get your free copy here

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  1. Hey Owen,

    Pretty interesting concept you’ve written here. Have you ever heard of GnuPG? There’s a small window that lets you drag and drop files you’d like to encrypt with someone’s public key. I imagine you could combine the two for added security. First encrypt with GnuPG, then zip the encrypted files with SecureZIP. Good luck cracking that!

    Just thought I’d also add that I really admire the simplicity of your layout, and the content seems great so far. You got yourself another rss subscriber, so keep up the good work!

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